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At Penlight we strive to bring music to life through innovative lighting, imaginative design and passionate performance.

We leverage over 50 years of combined experience in concert lighting production to build visually stunning shows based on proven lighting and design methodologies.


Our focus is primarily on concert lighting and production design in an international touring market, but our experience and interest span live and broadcast television lighting, special effects lighting for feature films and corporate and industrial show lighting.

Over the course of a myriad of projects, we’ve constructed a ‘show kernel’ approach which informs our progress throughout the development and execution of each production.

This ‘show kernel’ leverages proven processes and trusted design concepts to chart an efficient path that leads from intent, through design & pre-visualization into programing and finally to performance.


Shadow is a powerful tool. An artist enveloped in a well placed shadow elicits a strong emotional response from both the audience and the performer.

There are many hues of white light, each powerful in its own way.

Colours should be bold, but the pallet should be well considered and musically justified.

Songs are both structured and dynamic, all design elements should strive to reflect this.

Every component of a design should have an identifiable core purpose.

Some of the artists with whom we've had the pleasure of working with over the last twenty five years
AJ Pen

AJ Pen – President


In career which began over twenty-five years ago, AJ has acquired skills in Lighting & Set Design, Lighting Direction & Programming and Touring.

Years of international touring have helped AJ hone his ability to assist artists in realizing the same visual show using vastly different equipment across multiple different cultures worldwide. This has been the case in scores of different countries all over the globe.

Jeff Farrow


In a career spanning two and a half decades, Jeff has developed skills as a multifaceted designer and educator.

Through a variety of roles at Christie Lites, a stint in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University and now as the in-house designer at the preeminent casino theatre in  Canada, Jeff has constantly evolved alongside new theatrical technology and techniques. 

As a Penlight partner, Jeff leverages his attention to detail and big picture perspective to refine the underlying process that support the development of top in class drafting, documentation, previsualization and programing.

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